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About me:

Working with children is something I genuinely enjoy as I care about their safety, wellbeing and having fun. I’m fun, caring, honest and energetic. I really like cooking and baking. In my free time I love a self care night in but also trying new restaurants and activities with my friends.

My Childcare experience:

My first job was a summer camp linked to a youth club I would accompany the children on outings, assisted with a drama play, organised activities.

I have mentored in a primary school which I absolutely loved. I had one child from a vulnerable background I sat with him in classes to give additional support and encouragement, I also really bonded with the whole class I would do activities with them and playground watch.

I have babysat many times for a family friend which is where I got my baby experience from, I did four hours in the evenings for about 3 months.

For a year I worked as a workshop tutor In many different secondary schools across London conducting presentations to prepare them for post school life.

My current job is at a go karting track and amongst other duties I host kids parties every week.

  • 6 months- 18 months

  • 8 years +

What do you enjoy most about working with children?

I really enjoy getting to know and bonding with children it’s nice to be someone children can feel safe around.

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