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About me:

I am 28 years old and I love being around children because they make me happy. I am currently working in a nursery as a preschool teacher. I enjoy reading and watching movies. Children bring out my inner child. I love how curious they are, wanting to know everything, and when they ask questions, I enjoy answering them as many times as they would like. I also like engaging them in activities that help in all areas such as personal, social, and emotional development, literacy, and mathematics.

My Childcare experience:

I worked in Ghana as a teacher in year 3 for 4 years Started as a carer her in the UK and now a preschool teacher

  • 2 years old - 4 years old

  • 4 years old - 8 years old

  • 8 years +

What do you enjoy most about working with children?

How curious they are!

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