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About me:

As the daughter of a single mum, I grew up with babysitters and nannies, (both good and bad!) and I still remember the kinds of qualities that made me feel the most safe and happy as a child (and those that did not!). I have always had an affinity to children, even as a child myself I was obsessed with my dolls! I volunteered with children any chance I got at secondary school which included being a teaching assistant at a primary school with year 3s, and from then I knew I wanted to work in childcare as a career. Last summer I worked as a daycare assistant at a nursery and developed useful skills and experience that definitely prepared me to work with young children in the future. I understand that children need lots of patience and empathy and I have both of those traits. I also understand how hard it is for a parent to trust someone else with their child and want to reassure you that I genuinely care about children's wellbeing and happiness. I am a University student studying French, Spanish and Italian and I spent a year abroad in Paris and Madrid! My most recent role was a 6 month nanny role abroad caring for a 3 year old. Planning age appropriate activities and keeping their daily routine. Languages and cultural studies are a great passion of mine and I would be happy to offer some help in languages to your children if that is something you would want! Available for immediate start and flexible hours.

My Childcare experience:

My duties as a nursery assistant were:

Maintained a safe and comfortable environment for children to learn through play

Fed and changed babies/toddlers - supervised play time for all the children

Led activities

Carried out various admin and cleaning tasks on request

  • 6 months- 18 months

  • 2 years old - 4 years old

  • 4 years old - 8 years old

  • 8 years +

What do you enjoy most about working with children?

Children have such wild imaginations and I enjoy engaging with them in make believe games and fun activities.

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