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About me:

I am a very friendly, cooperative time keeper , flexible, team player, childminder and baby sitter who has experience working with children and young people. I always look after children with care, skill and ability. I am a mum of twin boys aged ten, and have been their full time care taker for all their lives. We coparent with dad while I go to work. I have a great experience with working with all children from age zero to teenagers. I can create a warm, safe and secure environment for children to develop and learn in, and will always be there for a child’s physical and mental needs. On a personal level I strongly believe I am a dependable, cooperative, will always follow procedures and willing to go that extra mile to get things done. I am an intelligent person who leans quickly and if I am unsure of anything, rather than taking a guess or a chance I am confident enough to ask!

My Childcare experience:

 As a Sunday school teacher I assist children for toileting, organising picnics, outings, cinema outings, giving out food and snacks, calming down those who are upset and planning activities for the children based off of their interests when they come to Sunday school. I Engage with the children during the day activities like painting, drawing, baking and reading. We also play indoor games like ludo, cards and going out into the garden.

Recently I have gained my level one early years qualification and I am currently working towards my Level 3. I am working in a range of nurseries as agency staff, gaining lot's of experience in a setting.

  • 6 months- 18 months

  • 2 years old - 4 years old

  • 4 years old - 8 years old

  • 8 years +

What do you enjoy most about working with children?

They're creative and adventurous! I love to get all the children involved and engaged. I am constantly looking to find out their interests to be able to keep them busy!

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