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My name is Hannah, and I am a super smiley, very enthusiastic, qualified early years practitioner/nanny who basically does a little bit of everything! 

Growing up with my mother as a childminder, it was only really going to go one of two ways for me, and unlike my sibling, I was lucky enough to fall in love with childcare! Straight out of sixth form I got myself on a fantastic apprenticeship where my eyes were opened to the wonderful and maybe a little bit mad world of early years. Whatever your idea of nursery life looks like in your head, scrap it. Not once in 7 years was I able to predict what a single day would look like. Those little people taught me a way to look at the world I had never imagined, from creating small world, super fluffy, ant castles with a tissue as a flag, to new ways to eat lunch with my fork upside down, I have learnt it!

After creating so many fond memories and supporting hundreds of children with their journey through preschool, I decided it was on to my new adventure as a nanny. I love being a nanny and being able to create such a close bond with the children, and really give them the attention they deserve. It is so important to understand the relationship and impact you have when working closely with someone's family. As childcare professionals,  we spend a huge amount of time with your little ones and it is important we are not there to just care for them, but create memories... welcome to The Memory Nest.

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